Pregnant or Breastfeeding With Hayfever?

Is HayMax Suitable for Pregnant & Breastfeeding Women?

HayMax and all its ingredients (various seed oils, essential oils, Aloe Vera, and beeswax) are all Soil Association Certified Organic. HayMax is applied externally, and all ingredients have been selected to be suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Obviously one has to be careful when pregnant and you should always seek a doctor’s opinion about a medical condition.

Many pregnant women have bought HayMax and we are not aware of any adverse effects. In fact, they have told us how helpful it is – check out their comments in our testimonials pages.

Coping with hay fever during pregnancy

Coping with hay fever at any time is bad enough; but it’s all the more difficult when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, and perhaps experiencing an increased sensitivity to allergens as a result. You want something that will give you effective relief from the symptoms, but you don’t want to use anything that might harm your baby. And for many, finding a drug-free answer is crucial.  HayMax is made entirely of natural products and because it’s applied externally, it’s not going to be passed through you to your baby. All the ingredients in our balms are specially selected to be suitable for baby and mum.

In the 1980’s our MD’s pregnant sister Vivienne asked her doctor about the safety of using drugs, including antihistamines, during pregnancy. She was told very firmly that the most important thing was that she had a stress free pregnancy, so taking the occasional painkiller, for example, to relieve a headache, would do no harm. However, on the question of antihistamines, the only advice was that there was no evidence to suggest that the antihistamines available were safe or unsafe. A great deal has changed since the 1980’s, particularly in the area of ante- and post-natal advice, but the medical evidence regarding the use of antihistamines has hardly changed at all:

According to the NHS website, if you wish to take antihistamines, your doctor is most likely to prescribe you one of the ‘second generation’ – that is, non-sedating – antihistamines. These include loratadine (Claritin), and cetirizine (Zyrtec). If you are trying to avoid drugs during your pregnancy or whilst you are breastfeeding, our organic pollen blocker balms offer a drug-free option for battling with pollen and other airborne allergens.

From time to time, we send product samples and leaflets to a random selection of antenatal professionals, to ask for their valuable opinions. We are delighted to say that they consistently give it rave reviews. Drug-free options for managing hayfever are particularly valued, because many women feel that their sensitivity to allergens increases during and after pregnancy. Since hormonal changes make nasal congestion more common during pregnancy, this is hardly surprising. Nor is it any surprise that such problems are exacerbated during hay fever season.

HayMax organic barrier balms help keep airborne allergens at bay, and we have plenty of unsolicited testimonials from pregnant and breastfeeding women to support this (click here to read some). If you are pregnant, breast feeding, or an antenatal professional we would love to help answer your questions. If you would like leaflets or a training sheet, just let us know using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

Case study

Frances Richmond, had to live with the curse of her extreme hayfever all her life – it was destroying her job and making her pregnancy a misery, until her husband brought back home an unexpected source of relief one day.

I had suffered badly with hayfever since childhood. As an adult, my hayfever was impacting heavily on my work; I’m a clarinettist in an orchestra, but there was nothing worse than playing at a wedding, with itchy, crying eyes and sneezing at the wrong moments. It was like having a permanent cold. And sometimes you had to play outside in the middle of a field, which made my hayfever flare up even more than usual.

My hayfever got so bad during the day that I’d look forward to night times, as this was often the only time it would let up. I was all bunged up, with a blocked nose during the day, like a cold.

What they gave me didn’t work. Many of the pills I used to take were quite sedative. Piriton makes you quote drowsy. There are often quite big side effects and sometimes I didn’t know which was worse: the side effects or my hayfever!

Then in 2005 – which was an especially bad year for hayfever – I was also pregnant with my first child. I desperately needed something drug-free which would help with my hayfever. One day my husband, Karn brought some HayMax home from work.

When Karn brought the little tubs of HayMax home, it really helped. It was great to use something as simple and natural as a pollen barrier, instead of popping pills. The last couple of years have been so much better and I have been using it ever since. HayMax is very handy – I just stick it in my makeup bag. And what’s more, I’m really happy that I don’t have pills around, with children in the house.

And I have, of course, recommended HayMax to all of my pregnant friends!

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