Easy Exercises You Can Start Doing With Your Kids

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By guest blogger, Cassie Brewer.

Adopting new habits is not a simple task to do. It takes time, persistence, and motivation to keep on doing what you’ve started. Especially, when it comes to a habit of regular workouts. For a reason undefined, people find it hard starting to exercise daily and even harder to pursue the tack once the first steps are already taken. So here comes a logic question: is there a lifehack that will help you be persistent and reach your goal of a stronger and better-looking body? Yes, there is one.


As experience confirms times and times again, it’s easier for us to adopt a habit if we have a partner sharing our goal. It’s also said that people find it simple to stay motivated when they are responsible for someone else’s success. Given these two facts, it becomes clear why an increasing number of parents make easy workout with kids a part of their daily routine.


There are at least three reasons why you should try it:


  • It’s a healthy and funny way to spend time with your kids. Not only will this habit make you and your children healthier, but it will also help you get closer with each other.


  • It can be a great introduction to sports for your kids in case they haven’t tried any particular activity yet.


  • It’s a great opportunity for you to make exercises an inherent part of your life. Apart from having great workout partners to keep you motivated, you will also be responsible for choosing the best workout exercises and making sure your kids do them right.


Since the benefits of regular workout with your kids are now obvious, it’s time to discuss what particular activities you should choose. Here is what you need to learn for the starters: the best exercises to do with your kids are those that are difficult enough so you feel like it’s a real workout for you, but simple enough so your kids can come up with at least half of them.



Try basic yoga


The list of benefits associated with regular yoga practice is as long as it is diverse. It’s scientifically proven that yoga can improve digestion, reduce anxiety, alleviate symptoms of depression, just to name a few. Chances are good that you’d love your kids to do something as healthy as yoga. And there’s no need to worry if you know literally nothing about yoga at the moment. Find a detailed guide for yoga beginners, learn the basics, and you’ll be glad that you did.


Go for a run


According to some experts, running is one of the most natural physical activities. It’s a great kind of workout whatever way you slice it. It can help you get rid of negative thoughts, strengthens your body, help you get fit – and it’s only a part of benefits running has. But keep in mind that running is only safe if neither you nor your kids have allergy to pollen. If that’s your case, make sure to avoid outdoor activities during the high pollen count days.


Dance like nobody’s watching


Dancing is one of the greatest types of physical activity, and one of the most overlooked. A lot of people believe that dancing is not serious enough to be called a physical exercise. But those who say this have never tried dancing for 30 minutes in a row. Choose music your kids like, think of some dancing pas in advance, and let your kids lead if they feel like doing it.


Now you know all the perks of physical activity with your kids, and you also know what types of exercise are best for the task. The rest is up to you. Think of a workout schedule, go buy some new sportswear for a better motivation, and take a step towards a better health for you and your little kids.



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