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About 15 per cent of Australians suffer from hayfever, commonly caused by grass pollen and dust mites. The number is likely to be higher on the Coast where the pollen season lasts longer.

HayMax™ organic, drug-free nose balm is a simple way to stop the sneezing and itchy eyes commonly associated with hayfever. Just wipe the balm on the base of your nostrils and, as proven by an independent study in 2009, this traps pollen before it enters your body. As long as this takes you below your trigger point, your reactions won’t be triggered.

Simple. The people at the end of this link said it worked – and it could for you too.

HayMax™ is made in the UK and can be bought online from Australia. And with the current special offer you don’t pay any more postage to get it there.

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