HayMax™ featured in Real People: Karen’s Story

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HayMax™ featured in Real People (a women’s magazine) as a good way to help with hayfever.

Karen told her story of hayfever misery. She explained how she had suffered from several hayfever symptoms including bad sneezing, a hayfever rash, red itchy eyes and fatigue. Karen said she was delighted to find that HayMax™ helped.

“Finally I found HayMax™…because it was natural I could use it as much as I wanted…this year I’m tackling the summer head on!” she said.

HayMax™ is a natural, organic and drug free way to help with hayfever. HayMax™ works by trapping pollen before it enters your body. Less pollen, less reaction!

Studies have shown that HayMax™ blocks up to 30% of pollen entering the nose. You can read more about the studies on our ‘product trials’ page.

Buy online, read more about the HayMax™ story, and check out our hayfever guide on this site!

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