HayMax™ is a Smart way to Beat Hayfever, says Woman’s Own

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HayMax™ is a Smart way to Beat Hayfever, says Woman's Own

HayMax™ features in the Woman’s Own article ‘Smart new ways to beat hayfever‘.

A mild winter followed by a cold spell has created optimum conditions for pollen making this hayfever season particularly difficult.

The article features things recommended by a panel of allergy experts to help with hay fever. The panel is made up of a hayfever expert, an allergy consultant, two pharmacists and a nutritionist. HayMax™ Pure is recommended to trap pollen before it enters the airways, which hopefully means less of a reaction for you.

The experts also recommend eating well, avoiding pollen when possible and trying to find the thing that helps you most. There are several hayfever drugs and homeopathic options available. Our hayfever guide has more information to help you.

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