HayMax™ – the natural way to help with hay fever features in That’s Life!

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HayMax™ featured in That's Life!

HayMax Aloe Vera™ features as one of ‘three to try’ nose and lip balms in That’s Life! magazine. HayMax™ is a pollen blocking balm that is applied invisibly to the nose to trap pollen before it enters the body. Less pollen, less reaction! Aloe Vera extract is added for its soothing, calming properties.

Studies by the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit at the University of Worcester show that HayMax™ traps significantly more pollen than an un-coated nostril. And in pre market trials all respondents who had the opportunity to try HayMax™ during their allergic season reported that HayMax™ worked.

Good news for those hay fever sufferers feeling the effects of the recent high pollen count who want a natural way to help with hay fever: HayMax™ is drug free and non drowsy so it’s suitable for children, teenagers taking exams, pregnant or breast-feeding women and anyone else who hates hayfever and wants to avoid anti-histamines or steroid nasal sprays.

HayMax™ can be bought at our online shop, in supermarkets, pharmacies and health stores nationwide (see our store finder for help locating your local stockist) or by contacting us direct using the contact details at the bottom of our homepage.

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