Success in the press 2015

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In a small busy office, it can be easy to forget (or lack the time) to stop and celebrate successes as they happen. I suppose for most of us this is probably true of life in general! Things have been getting busier at HayMax HQ in Bedfordshire and at  our PR agency Excellart just outside Bath. That can’t be a bad thing, but it does mean that I haven’t posted any of our 2015 press successes on this blog for you to see.

Here are a few snippets from magazines, newspapers and TV so far. Coverage is so thick and fast in the summer months that this picture is already out of date, there have been hundreds more features including; national papers, local press and all sorts of magazines. We are waiting for written permission to post video clips of HayMax featured on ITV’s This Morning and Lorraine by Dr Chris Steele MBE and Dr Hilary Jones. As soon as that’s sorted, I’ll put them up.

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