5 Hypoallergenic Dog and Cat Breeds for People with Pet Allergies

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Dogs and cats. Humans favourite pets. But what if you are allergic to them? Do not fear because here at HayMax we are passionate about all furry (or hairless!) friends and want you to be able to enjoy them too. That’s why we have put together a list of five of the best cat and dog breeds for people with pet allergies. Whilst there is still no guarantee that these pets won’t give you an allergic reaction, these breeds are well-known and well-loved by many for being described as ‘hypoallergenic’.



Hypoallergenic cats usually will have shorter hair, no hair at all, or won’t produce as much Fel d1 protein. A lack of dander to your felines means a lower chance of setting off your allergies.


  1. Sphynx


The Sphynx cat is probably one of the most well-known hairless cat breeds. Due to their lack of fur and therefore lack of dander, they are a good choice for people with pet allergies. Their unique look and affectionate nature means that they can be quite the addition to your family! Sphynx cats are known to be very inquisitive and dog-like.

If you want a cat that requires little attention though, maybe a sphynx isn’t for you. Because of their lack of fur, they require special care compared to other cats, but that doesn’t make them any less lovable!


  1. Cornish Rex


The Cornish Rex cat is a more traditional-looking feline. They only have the bottom layer of fur – unlike most cats which have three layers – which means they don’t shed as much hair making people less prone to allergies.

Cornish Rex’s are playful and intelligent cats, they keep their kitten-like charm through to adulthood, so are great for people wanting a more energetic cat.


  1. Russian Blue


These beautiful cats get their name from their grey-blue coat, and what a gorgeous colour it is! It is believed that these cats boarded ships from Russia to other parts of Europe and decided to travel the world themselves! Russian Blue’s don’t actually possess any special coat qualities, but they produce less Fel d1 protein – the protein that causes allergies in people.

Russian Blues are more independent cats, at first they can be quite cautious of human contact. But, once you have gained their trust, they remain very loyal to their family and can get on well with other animals in a household.


  1. Balinese


Balinese cats are similar to the classic Siamese cat but have longer fur, making them more appealing to some potential pet owners.

These lovely-looking felines are very human-orientated and love chatting to their owners – in a soft tone, though. Balinese cats are playful and if they aren’t mentally stimulated, they can be quite naughty, but they make perfect additions to a busy household with lots of people and attention!


  1. Siberian

Siberian cats are perhaps the most ‘cat-like’ breed if when you think ‘cat’ you think ‘fluffy’. Despite their lovely long fur, they don’t produce as much Fel d1 protein, so are widely considered a good hypoallergenic pet. These quiet cats are quite affectionate, but like their space too – just like humans, really! Siberian cats are very intelligent and can be taught tricks if you are willing to put in the time. Their intelligence also means they can be quite cheeky – if they want to get into a room or cupboard, they will!




Hypoallergenic dogs can come in all varying types of coats, from hairless to luscious long fur! Dogs that don’t shed hair or produce much dander are less likely to set off your allergies.


  1. American Hairless Terrier


Have you ever seen a hairless terrier? Well now you have! These lovable dogs are a great choice for homes with children because of their lively and friendly nature. They are also well-suited to those who live in cities because of their minimal exercise needs compared to other dogs. These dogs generally get on well with other dogs too, which is always a bonus!

Although ‘hairless’ is in their name, these dogs actually come in coated and hairless varieties. Both are hypoallergenic, but the hairless one is said to be more so. Despite not having hair, American Hairless Terriers are still smooth to the touch. The American Hairless Terrier does need regular bathing and nail-trimming, as well as protection from the sun in hot weather and proper precautions for colder months. The grooming maintenance for these dogs is still pretty low, regardless!


  1. Bedlington Terrier


The lovely Bedlington Terrier is well-known for its curly coat and pear-shaped head. These terriers are very affectionate and energetic and love being part of a family. They can be protective of family members to outsiders, but are generally very friendly, charming dogs.

These dogs are suited to a slightly more active household than the American Hairless Terrier, but they still do not require intense exercise – just daily walks and lots of attention and playtime. They also require regular grooming, but are low-dander and light-shedding, making them hypoallergenic.


  1. Coton du Tulear


These lovely dogs get their name from their cotton-soft coat. Owners of these dogs often talk about their nature in more human ways than other dogs because they are so characterful! Coton du Tulears are social dogs and enjoy being around other dogs and children.

Despite having very long fur, these dogs are great for people with pet allergies because they don’t shed. Their long coat does require daily grooming, so if you are looking for a low-maintenance dog then maybe a Coton isn’t for you!


  1. Schnauzer


Giant, Miniature or Standard, all varieties of Schnauzer are hypoallergenic and gorgeous, affectionate dogs. All Schnauzers only shed dander once a month, which is why they’re great for people with allergies. They do all have varying needs and personalities so you should definitely do your research before deciding on which kind of Schnauzer would be the best fit for you.

Giant Schnauzers are intelligent, territorial and protective dogs. They were bred originally as working dogs but now are great show-dogs or guard dogs. Giant Schnauzers are great for training, so if you’re looking for a sturdy, dependable dog then this could be a great fit!

Standard Schnauzers are sociable and affectionate dogs that are great for households with children. They need daily exercise and should be brushed often to prevent their fur from matting.

Miniature Schnauzers are also protective and so make great guard dogs. They are generally intelligent and have a kind, sunny nature. Miniatures are pretty adaptable to most living environments, so are a good fit for any type of household!


  1. Basenji


My personal favourite – the Basenji! These lovely red and white dogs with curly tails make for a unique-looking dog. They have a cat-like grooming regime (and personalities) which means they have less odour and dander than other dog breeds. It also means that they don’t require much grooming – hooray! Basenjis are known as the ‘non-barking dog’ so if you are in a terraced house or don’t like a lot of noise then Basenjis could be your choice of dog. They do yodel though!

Basenji dogs are very affectionate towards family members but can be quite cautious of strangers, so they need lots of socialisation to other people from a young age. Basenjis generally get on well with other dogs but can be argumentative with other Basenjis. They are hard to train but very intelligent and with a little extra patience can be very well-trained!

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