6 Stylish Hay Fever Sunglasses that Pack a Punch against Pollen

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Ah summer. For many of us this means short sleeves and ice cream. But for those of us who suffer from hay fever, this time of year signifies your annual battle with pollen.

Each and every one of us has a routine, ritual or special hay fever treatment we stick to that makes this season a lot more bearable. From pollen barrier balms to tablets. But did you know that there’s a fashion accessory that’s both stylish and can help to keep that pesky pollen at bay?

I’m talking about hay fever sunglasses that limit, and even block pollen, dust and other allergens from getting into your eyes, reducing the chances of an allergic reaction. This means no more red, watering itchy eyes! And for women, the added benefit is that you can wear make-up without the risk of panda eyes!

There are a few different styles and options to choose from and they vary on price and the level of protection that you need.

I’ve picked out six of the most stylish hay fever sunglasses options to suit all budgets.

Option 1: Wrap Around

ASOS Wrap Around Sunglasses in Black, £10.00

ASOS Wrap Around Sunglasses in Black

Huzzah! The popular internet fashion retailer stocks some wrap around shades! And they’re an absolute steal at £10.00!

The sleek silhouette and sepia lenses look cool and sophisticated. Plus the moulded nose pads and tapered arms with curved temple tips make for a secure fit.

These are probably better suited to people who suffer milder hay fever symptoms as the arms are slimmer at the side of the frames. But still, a fashionable accessory none-the-less.

Option 2: Silicone Eye Cup

Ziena Kai Gloss Black – £124.99

These unisex Ziena Kai hay fever sunglasses are a little pricier but that’s because they’re a lot more sophisticated at protecting you against the allergy inducing enemy.

These shades come with a discreet translucent shield which sits between the arm and eye join on both sides for optimum protection against dust and airborne allergens. So there’s no chance of any pollen getting past these allergy body guards! Plus, the translucent shield is well hidden behind the frames so you will not look out of place wearing them in everyday social situations.

Option 3: Air Shield

7eye Cape in Tortoiseshell – £99.99

7eye Cape in Tortoiseshell

These 7eye Cape unisex sunglasses are incredibly versatile. From a choice of four different lens colours (including prescription lenses), these sunglasses also offer the ability to adjust the length of the temple bars giving you control over the closeness of fit. Perfect for covering all possible pollen entry points! There’s even a removable inner AirShield which sits against the frames for maximum allergen protection!

Plus, all lenses are polycarbonate, providing 100% UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays as well as having anti-fog air vents to reduce fogging. This means there’s no chance of them misting up whilst cycling, reading or even if you get a little hot under the collar from a chance encounter!

The model shown has Polarised lenses.

There’s a whole host of other colours and styles in the 7Eye AirShield collection to choose from.

Option 4: Another Air Shield

7eye Ventus gloss black – £89.99

The 7eye Ventus in gloss black are another stylish example of sunglasses that employ an Air Shield contraption to deflect pollen.


Appealing to both men and women, this pair has a close fitting frame with rectangular wraparound lenses offering good visibility and protection. Another quirk includes adjustable temple ends to achieve maximum comfort and optimum protection from the Air Shield.


The black frames make this style look slightly more contemporary than the rest of the bunch, plus the photochromic light-reactive lenses offer versatility in different weather and lighting conditions. Ideal if you’re out doing a round of golf and the sun pops out! You can chose from copper, grey clear lenses and even reactive ‘Eclypse’ and contrast lenses.

The model shown has Non-Polarised lenses.

Option 5: Overglasses – £13.95


These distinctive bright red overglasses do exactly what you would expect them to do: fit over your glasses. These are a perfect choice if you wear prescription lens glasses (and have paid a lot of money for them!). Although slighter bulkier than some of the other options, the large frames are bang on trend as they’re similar to the “bug eye” shape frames you see on the high street.

With a curved plastic shield connecting the front frame to the arm, they provide protection from above and against the side of your temples.

This particular pair are from Amazon, but there are plenty of other colours to choose from including slightly subtler styles suitable for both men and women.

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