How to Sleep Better During Hay Fever Season

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Getting a good amount of sleep is vital for productivity and leads to a happier you! Unfortunately, if you suffer from hay fever and have symptoms such as itchy eyes and a runny nose, then sleep can sometimes be impossible which could make you more irritable. 

Our mission at HayMax™ is simple! We want to help hay fever sufferers combat symptoms and live a stress and irritation-free lifestyle. Alongside using  our allergen barrier balm, we’ve put together some top tips for a better night’s sleep.

Creating A ‘Pollen-Free’ Environment For Sleep

Unless you lock yourself in a totally sealed room with no windows or doors, it will be almost impossible to create a pollen-free environment to sleep in. Throughout the day your clothes and skin will pick up microscopic pollen particles and then scatter them around your home with each movement you make or surface you brush against. 

With this in mind, the best advice we can recommend is to take a shower or bath before bed to wash off any pollen. Make sure you change into clean clothes and keep the ‘contaminated’ clothes outside your bedroom. 

You should also think about changing your bedding more regularly too! 

Reduce Pollen Entry Into The Bedroom

Unfortunately for UK hay fever sufferers, the peak of hay fever season falls during spring and summer when temperatures can reach the dizzying heights of 15°C and above! It’s so tempting to open windows and doors to allow cool air to flow through your home but with the cool air comes pollen.

Whilst we’re not suggesting you shut yourself away and bake in the ridiculous heat, it might be worthwhile keeping your bedroom “locked up” as much as possible during the day and only entering if absolutely necessary. The goal is to avoid as much pollen entering your bedroom as possible!

Consider also utilising oscillating fans and air purifying units to regulate the air temperature of your bedroom at night instead of opening a window. Hopefully this creates a less stifling environment! 

Apply HayMax™ Allergen Barrier Balm

HayMax™ allergen barrier balm is always available should you need an effective method to reduce the effects from hay fever, night or day! The natural, drug-free formula means the balm can be used by adults, teenagers and also young children. If you’re looking for a new way to combat hay fever, then check out the range of scents we have available and start enjoying summer again!

Eat and Drink Sensibly

Another simple way to reduce hay fever problems would be enjoying a healthy diet. Food and drink can play a huge role in the impact of pollen, since starch and sugar can lead to higher mucus production, runny nose symptoms are likely to worsen with a bad diet.

You can take a close look at the products we have available right now online! Also feel free to contact us directly for further information.

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