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Best Night’s Sleep in Years!

I got my HayMax order yesterday and used it right away and this is the first night in years I can sleep breathing through my nose.
So happy!
Thank you so much for sending it to me.

~ Elin Anna, 10th March 2023

Great product!

HayMax is a lifesaver, and I can’t get it in my country anymore, so thank you! The product arrived in great condition!

~ Atli Hafsteinsson, 6th March 2023

Excellent Product

Purchased the gift set of 3 different tubs of Haymax for my daughter as a mini present for her Birthday. She loves them and it is helping with her hay fever immensely. Ordering process and the communication and speed of delivery was excellent. Highly recommended

~ Eddie Crace, 17th October 2022

The Only Thing That Helps!

I have been using Haymax for the last few years and it is the only thing that helps me with my hayfever symptoms.

~ K Petrie, 12th September 2022

Fantastic Products and Service

Not only are your products fantastic so is your customer service.
I know I’ve said it before but your customer service is fantastic and this is by far the best experience I have had with a company.

~ Suzanne, 7th July 2022


My husband is a hay fever sufferer, but recently we have discovered that he is allergic to feathers in pillows, duvets and cushions. My niece recommended HayMax and this has helped immensely. I have recommended to other fellow hay fever sufferers.

~ Emma McGurk, 20th May 2022


This is now an absolute essential for me, it’s my favourite product to help prevent hay-fever and dust allergies. The pots are easy to carry and easy to apply with great scents that make it a very pleasant experience to use. I’ve noticed a massive difference in my dust allergies all year round and in hay-fever in the high pollen seasons. I highly recommend people give it a try!!

~ Fraser Maidment, 9th May 2022

Brilliant 🤩

Absolutely can’t Thankyou enough. Thought I’d have to regime my new puppy when my granddaughter showed allergy reactions to him. Used this cream and hey presto! It worked!!! So I purchased 3 praying it would work. Now her mum and I have 1 each and a spare for travels. We’ll done 😍

~ Julie H, 24th October 2021

Excellent Product

Purchased the gift set of 3 different tubs of Haymax for my daughter as a mini present for her Birthday. She loves them and it is helping with her hay fever immensely. Ordering process and the communication and speed of delivery was excellent. Highly recommended

~ Eddie Crace, 21st July 2021


I always rave about how good haymax is! Since I found you guys at the allergy show in London a few years ago, everyone in my office and family uses it now!
I was only at a wedding a few weeks ago and I became a salesman for haymax when everyone was struggling with the outdoor photos !

~ Andy Bray, 20th July 2021

Brilliant Stuff

Both my boys (age 9 and 13) say it does the job and really helps. It’s popped in a pocket when ever we go out in the summer months.
Brilliant stuff.

~ L Beaton, 8th July 2021

Fantastic Stuff!

Fantastic stuff recommended to my family and friends who have all gone out and purchased this

~ joanne brown, 7th July 2021

Works like magic

This product comes in a small container but the impact is huge! Immediately reduced my extreme symptoms of hay fever – highly recommend

~ Evelyn Ross, 7th July 2021

Amaziiiiiing !!

Having been on Fexofenadine for years, since using Haymax I am almost symptom free , it stops the pollen reaching my eyes and nose so the hayfever doesnt affect me , I know its working as when I wake up and wash I can feel the trapped pollen stuck to the Haymax wax – its a game changer – a definate for every hayfever sufferer

~ Lesley Jarvis, 29th June 2021

I Love HayMax

I love HayMax it works for me! I am introducing it to family and friends.
Thank you again

~ K Gibson, 18th June 2021


I have suffered from hay fever for 50+ years and discovered Haymax a few years ago and basically it is indispensable for me during the hay-fever season. It’s brilliant drug free & non-drowsy my favourite it the lavender option, I have recommended to many people who are fellow suffers.

~ Stewart Watson, 17th June 2021

Where you been all my life ?

Hi Hay Max,
I bought your product from Boots in store, Hay Max pure.
And, this is the message I’m sending to everyone I know so they don’t suffer anymore :
Hey, I thought you or someone you know might be interested in knowing about this product.
I suffer from hay fever 🥵really badly.
I’ve been using this product since Friday and I feel great, no itchy eyes or sneezing with runny nose.
This really works for me and I wish I had known about this earlier. Especially when I was a kid at school, I just couldn’t concentrate on my studies. (my parents didn’t know much about medication and the GP was giving me medication to help me with my allergies ie hay fever. I was taking drowsy medication that was making me sleepy. It really didn’t help me in my studies, now I can look back and see what went wrong, lack of knowledge for all parties).
I’m only sharing this with you so others who might suffer from high pollen count benefit from.
Have a good afternoon, Mannie

~ Mannie Pooni, 14th June 2021

Life Saver!

I suffer from hay fever really badly, the tablets don’t work and nasal spray was making my nose bleed. HayMax is a life saver!! It’s the only thing that works! It’s so soothing on the nose too. Wouldn’t use anything else!!

~ Maria Hutchings, 13th June 2021

Haymax – Hayfever balm

I ordered some haymax hayfever balm for my daughter who really suffers with hayfever in the spring and summer that is irritating when she goes horse-riding. This has helped, Thank You 🙂

~ Michelina Neath, 10th June 2021

Excellent Product

I use HayMax when I am hiking – it alleviates my itchy nose and eyes in the summertime.

~ Liz Stephensen-Payne, 19th May 2021

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