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Better than any others

Many thanks for a great product/s, I spend all day outside and your products work better than any others I’ve tested.


Many thanks, and included is a Poem I wrote with HayMax In mind,


Carrot sky, potato-hills, Crisp-bread lawns,
straw sways and wafts Rose cold,
powdered spore, wind-borne crime,
Marram metronomic rhyme
Over the stile then through the gap,
a potpourris of greens,
an Olive, Teal, Celadon scene,
boscage windbreak, caramel and pink,
refreshing sky, metallic Zinc.
Thunder will arrive and spill,
crinkle, sparkle, crackle, grill,
mollify, alleviate, nature's dander to abate.

Also amazing as a lip balm! 

Also amazing as a lip balm!

The only product I’ve ever found ; pure enough for my sensitive skin.


So happy to finally ditch the petroleum based vaseline.


I haven’t been using HayMax for very long but I can confirm that I’m using a lot less medicine for hay fewer after I started using HayMax.

No More Antihistamines!

I love your product! It means I can manage without antihistamines & it’s actually lovely & soothing!

Miracle Cure

Hi, I have used your Balm for about 4 years now and I can not recommend this highly enough this has stopped 99% of my Hay fever symptoms which used to have a big effect on my lifestyle during spring and summer months, not feeling drowsy and being able to function as normal is just amazing. Thank you. I even posted on LinkedIn about how good your product is.

Great Product!

Great product!

For your marketing, I suggest using the old Crowded House song „Don’t Dream It’s Over” and replace the words with:

„HayMax, HayMax, the sneeze is over”

Just an idea 😀

Brilliant product!

I have been using Hay Max for a couple of years now and it’s fantastic and a better option than using tablets.
As a Hay Fever sufferer this product has been an absolute god send for me.
Hay Max is the way to go!!!

HayMax is Fantastic

I discovered HayMax a few years ago through a leaflet and found it in Boots.  It’s fantastic.  So much better than Vaseline. I tried Vaseline and it was rubbish, but this HayMax is great.  I saw on the website that you have a Kids one so I’ve bought that for my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter. And I’ve recomended it to all my colleagues who get hay fever where I used to work. It’s so good and works so well – thanks for making it.

Best Night’s Sleep in Years!

I got my HayMax order yesterday and used it right away and this is the first night in years I can sleep breathing through my nose.

So happy!

Thank you so much for sending it to me.

Great product!

HayMax is a lifesaver, and I can’t get it in my country anymore, so thank you! The product arrived in great condition!

Excellent Product

Purchased the gift set of 3 different tubs of Haymax for my daughter as a mini present for her Birthday. She loves them and it is helping with her hay fever immensely. Ordering process and the communication and speed of delivery was excellent. Highly recommended

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