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Great Protection Against a Cat Allergy

I have tried the Pure balm for my cat allergy and it works a treat – I can recommend it. I bought the tin with 3 different fragrance’s, it would make a lovely gift too.

Great product

I love the product and I definitely seen an improvement in my sneezing if I use the Haymax comparing to when I’m not. Considering I am not keen on hayfever tablets this is a lifesaver. It does only come in a 5 ml tube but I have been using it continuously for the past 3 weeks and it seems like it has been barely used. So definitely worth the investment. Thank you for having this on the market.

HayMax really helped

Haymax arrived on time and smells lovely of lavender. It has really helped me and my son who suffer extensively from hay fever.

Fabulous – Stopped the Anti-Histamine

I have been using HayMax for a couple of years and think its fabulous..I have suffered from Hayfever since I was a child. every year I take medication but don’t like it.

Last year I went ‘Cold Turkey’ on the antihistamine using HayMax and managed all year. Fingers crossed this year…

Fever Dreams no more

I hate this time of year as hay fever kicks in hard. Eyes, nose and throat are torn apart by the invisible menace. This has been worse this year as I work from home and in the vicinity of my pollen drenched garden. Luckily I have a pot of HayMax to hand to ward it off and it really works. If I forget to rub it on then I’m quickly in trouble. A light dab and hay/hey, it’s not so bad. Well done on the kids version too – a godsend.

HayMax Changed My Life

Haymax changed my life. I have crippling hayfever, and I’m allergic to every medicine that the doctors could throw my way. But now, I no longer pray for Summer to end.

Also, the fastest, friendliest and most conscientious customer service on planet Earth. Rock on!

What a Difference!

Words alone cannot express what a difference HayMax has made to my lifestyle and well being. This time last year I was suffering from yet another bout of pneumonia which, each time, had resulted from hay fever and sinusitis then bronchitis. I have a very weak immune system having had cerebral malaria some years ago. Since using HayMax I now no longer dread the change of seasons which used to bring streaming eyes, nose and itching throat to say the least. I use HayMax on a daily basis and rarely sneeze or cough anymore. Even in the bush or on the golf course!. I would, and do, highly recommend HayMax to anyone who would like to say “I use-to have hay fever”.


I love HayMax Lavender, it is a Summer essential. HayMax is a lifesaver!

Not just for Allergies – it’s worked on my colds too!

I’ve been using HayMax pretty much every day since September and have not had a cold or flu since and it’s now January 2020! I’ve also been using it when I’m teaching. I used to pick up lots of bugs and viruses at school, but not any more. The other day we had lots of children off sick with a vomiting bug. One of them shouldn’t have been in as you’re supposed to stay away for 48 hours. So I put on HayMax as a precaution and I didn’t catch anything. I always put some on when I hear someone sneezing or coughing near me when I’m out and about. HayMax is a total life saver for me – I wouldn’t leave the house without it.


I have to say this is an impressive product! It does the trick. That’s why I’m coming back for more. I like the Aloe Vera one.

it’s changed my summers.

I found this product by accident at my local pharmacy 4 years ago and it’s changed my summers. Before this product i was using nose sprays, tablets, vaseline and as many remadies i could find like local honey (i’m fortunate to have my own beehive). Nothing worked for long and i felt like a prisoner in my house with windows closed and stuck in my house for months on end.

From the very first use it was a revalation and i have since regained living outside during the nice weather. I use it for my daughter also and have found that it has reduced her asthma symptoms during the summer months too.

I can not recomend this product highly enough and i am sure i’ll be a life long user.

I haven’t looked back since!

I am pregnant with my first baby and was having such an awful time with my hay fever. There was nothing for me to take and I was feeling so miserable and sorry for myself! Thankfully I came across Hay Max and I haven’t looked back since! I simply apply it through out the day, my uncomfortable symptoms are no more and the best part is I know this will not harm my baby. Thanks Hay Max, what a lifesaver you have been for me!

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