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Haymax really has changed things for me

First time user after years of blocked noses &itchy eyes this summer I hope thats over! Haymax really has changed things for me . applying regularly is the key so im buying more for handbag.bedside table & car so allways on hand! Thankyou for making a fantastic product!

6th February 2015

HayMax is the best thing for me

HayMax is the best thing for me. I’ve used it for years and it’s better than the pills.

8th May 2014

what a great product you have

Just wanted to say what a great product you have in Haymax. I have used mine all through the winter too, I could swear that I have not picked up so many colds this year! Could it be that Haymax also blocks germs from people’s sneezes and coughs?
Thanks for something that really works, without side effects.

22nd April 2014

Best thing I have ever used

I’ve been using it for a week and it’s just the best thing I have ever come across for Hayfever. It is the Holy Grail – thank you and good night

~ Best thing I have ever used, 22nd April 2014

HayMax definitely works for people allergic to cats

i just wanted to let you know that haymax definitely works for people allergic to cats.
i have two cats and my friend can now visit me and stay for hours without any problems!

~ jelena (malta), 25th September 2013

Excellent product

Excellent product-this is the first year I have used it in the summer & have barely sneezed yet. Hvae had hay fever all my life & nothing has worked like this. Plus all the medicines & nasal sprays have side effects like drowsiness & dry mouth & having asthma & rhinitis I want to avoid dry mouth at all costs-had to use Nasacort last year which is the best thing before I discovered this, but haven’t needed it at all this year.
As I have a dust mite allergy as well this ticks two boxes for me. I would highly recommend this to anybody suffering during the summer months & even later-mine lasts until October, I do live next to a park though, amazing that just a little bit of this can make such a huge difference. Certainly prevention is better than cure & that is why HayMax is better than the hay fever medicines in my opinion.

~ James, 19th July 2013

Amazing product!!

Amazing product!! I’ve been suffering with horrendous Hay Fever for the past couple weeks. I’m a breast feeding mum to a 4 month old baby, the normal medication i take, i’m unable too. I then came across HayMax!!!! OMG i’m never looking back. Out with my normal medication, in with HayMax. I’ve no sneezing, runny nose or itchy eyes since taking it. I’m now sleeping with windows open at night, it’s great!! Thanks HayMax!!!

~ Emma Weeks, 16th July 2013

Made an incredible difference to me

Every year from the start of June through to the end of August I have suffered from sneezing around 10 times each morning and repeats during the day and late evening and slight watering of eyes. I bought the Aloe Vera Hay Max and since using for two days having sneezed once. Incredible to think the difference it has made to me. Excellent product and hope it continues to work.

~ Mike, 3rd July 2013

VERY pleased with the results!

Hi I am a new used of Haymax and I have to say I was sceptical but I have been VERY pleased with the results! It really soothes an already irritated and itchy nose and it’s so nice to know I don’t have to resort to chemicals.One suggestion I do have is related to packaging. I am very interested in reducing my plastic consumption as, although it is widely recycled, the recycling process is dubious, and the quality of the plastic deteriorates very quickly with each recycling. A lot of plastic meant for recycling also often ends up in landfill. I was wondering whether you would consider packaging the product in a tin or even glass pot? I know this seems very picky as it is a small pot! But it’s so encouraging when it’s clear a company has thought about how their product is packaged. I feel glass/tin packaging would really appeal to your market as well, as Haymax is a natural product, many of its users may also be interested in the environmental consequences of its packaging.
Hope this is of interest to you.PS I have also mentioned your product on my blog

~ caroline kenny, 29th June 2013

The best relief I have ever found

I have suffered from severe hayfever since I was very young, grass pollen, from early June and July normally, my eyes have always been the most affected, I have been applying the lavender every few hours for the last two weeks and it like a miracle for me, this is the best relief I have ever found, thank you for such a great product!

~ Debbie Riches, 21st June 2013

It has changed this summer for me dramatically

I would just like to say thank you to the genius who cam up with this balm, it has changed this summer for me dramatically. I was tired of taking medication to stop my hay fever and since discovering the balm I no longer have to. So thank you to the team for their amazing work. Thank you

~ stephanie theresine, 12th June 2013

Thank God for this hay max

thank God for this hay max. im really a big fun im telling everybody at my work about this wonder balm. it’s the best balm that can happen to mankind. i cannot start to tell you how i feel after using it. a friend told me about it , and i tried. im happy i did. why is it not advertised on tv. i have never heard about it.and ive been suffering all these years. all my friends know that my nose never goes dry. Thank You Max for this wonderful produt ill continue to tell everybody about it. God bless you.

~ fatima, 10th October 2012

It is truly amazing!

I have had awful hay fever since childhood, my severe symptoms (scratchy eyes, asthmatic cough, runny nose, wheezing) start in March, and don’t finish until September, I am allergic to most tree, grass and weed pollens. I tried absolutely everything, and nothing seemed to work. Even the doctors wouldn’t give me steroid injections because they would only be effective for a couple of weeks. I had given up hope, but my parents bought me some Haymax because they had heard it recommended by Dr Chris Steele, and it is truley amazing! I am enjoying the summer for the first time in nearly 40 years. It took a couple of days for the pollen to get out of my nasal system, but I stuck with the Haymax every morning and afternoon and my symptoms have vanished. People are very quick to complain but not as quick to give praise, so I wanted to let you know how great I think your product is. Thank you to whoever invented it!

~ Maria Dos Bantos Martins, 10th August 2012

Try haymax and your hayfever days are over.

I have recommended Haymax to my friends and colleagues and was very suprised to find out that the whole department uses Haymax. Apparently, it works vey well for a blocked nose. I have one at home, two in my handbag, just in case I lose one, and I have one at work.
My daughter lives abroad, uses it and it works wonders for her.
It’s very easy to be sceptical about it, but haymax DOES WORK. I recommend it to anyone who suffers from hayfever. If you have tried everything else and it does not work, it is time you try haymax and your hayfever days are over.
Thank you.

~ Mosidi, 20th June 2012

Can’t recommend Haymax highly enough

Just discovered your product. I am feeding my son myself and I’m unable to take oral products. Won’t be going back to tablets. Can’t recommend Haymax highly enough.

~ Claire, 20th June 2012

Made a massive difference to my 10 year old son.

Bought a pot to see if it really worked while we were at the Allergy Show this year. It really does work and it has made a massive difference to my 10 year old son. We arent needing to dose him up on Antihistamine and had a day in the park yesterday with no problems at all! Well done and thank you.

~ Richard, 3rd June 2012

I have had great feedback from a friend…

Hi, I left a message on your facebook page but it was under my husbands facebook details Ian smith. So i just wanted to let you know that i have had great feedback from a friend i rec’d your product to last year, for her daughter who is 9 years old & suffers with Hayfever. It has worked for her daughter & she is delighted! I wonder if it is worth getting schools to send out leaflets in kids school bags? I’m pretty sure schools wouldn’t have a problem with this, as it’s a natural product. I probably wouldn’t have ever heard of your product if i hadn’t worked for the eco products company. I am happy to give any of the schools local to me a supply of any leaflets & I’m sure my friend would be happy to do the same. We’ll spread the word! I used to live in Verwood, Dorset which is full of fields of rapeseed oil, which was terrible for pollen. Now i live in Aberdeenshire we have the same problem, fields full of rapeseed oil! A hayfever sufferers nightmare! Let me know if you want me to help with the leaflets etc.. Regards, Nikki.

~ Nikki Smith, 31st May 2012

Looking forward to a Hayfever free summer!

Just got my pot for this year! Looking forward to a Hayfever free summer! 😀

~ Phil, 25th May 2012

I haven’t looked back since buying it last year!

Just purchased my second pot of Haymax this weekend at the Allergy show in London. I haven’t looked back since buying it last year! My nose hardly runs when I use it and definitely helps to keep it clear. Would recommend to anyone who suffers from hayfever. Thank you very much! 🙂

~ Joanna, 21st May 2012

Hay Max is a great alternative

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with this product. I suffer from hay fever pretty badly every year, and even non-drowsy anti-allergy tablets seem to make me tired and lethargic.
Hay Max is a great alternative – one little tub usually lasts me a whole Summer and I don’t have to take any expensive/exhausting medication. I no longer feel like hiding indoors, even in high pollen seasons. Thanks!

~ Luke, 19th May 2012